Heat rejecting window tint

Tackle the Dubai heat & transform your vehicle’s appearance all in one with our advanced heat rejecting window tint

Protection & Style Without Compromise

Experience the perfect blend of protection and style with our window tinting service

Our expertly applied tints not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also provide unmatched protection.

Say goodbye to harmful UV rays and oppressive heat as our tints offer exceptional heat rejection and shield you from the sun’s damaging effects. Enjoy the sleek look of dark tints from the outside while maintaining crystal-clear optical clarity from within.

With our window tinting, you don’t have to compromise on style or comfort – it’s the best of both worlds.

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    Benefits Of Our Window Film

    Keep Cool In Any Weather

    With advanced nanotech technology, our window films reject high levels of IR

    This results in a much cooler cabin, and an overall improved driving experience – as in the heat, even the best air conditioning can struggle to keep up!

    Protect Yourself And Your Car

    UV rays can be very harmful, to both your passengers and your vehicle’s interior surfaces

    Our films provide a high level of UV rejection – keeping you & your car safe from the potential damage.

    Privacy & Added Style

    Our dark window films can help transform the look of your car, giving a more aggressive, stealthy appearance

    An added benefit of our dark films is the additional privacy, allowing you to drive in comfort, out of the public eye

    Protection Without Compromise

    It’s often thought that tint protection means driving without vision, but that isn’t the case at Modcare.

    Our films offer the highest level of optical clarity with all the great protective benefits


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