Detailing & Ceramic Coating

Restore your vehicle to a better than new finish with our expert detailing services, lock in a lifetime shine with our ceramic coating options providing lasting gloss & protection

The Ultimate Car Care Solution

Our detailing and ceramic coating services are sure to return your car to showroom condition, if not better!

We’re able to tackle imperfections with our paint correction services, including multi-stage machine polishing, to give your car a brilliant glossy finish free of swirls or scratches

As a Gtechniq-approved detailer, we can expertly apply ceramic coatings that create a hard layer of protection on your vehicle’s paint – preventing chemical damage, boosting gloss, making maintenance easy and even helping prevent swirls!

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    Detailing Options

    For The True New Car Feeling

    You spend most of your time inside the car, so it’s only right to have your interior in an immaculate condition

    Our interior detailing & deep cleans can tackle the deepest stains, marks, odours and more – bringing your vehicle’s interior back to showroom standard, with the option of added protection!

    Refresh & Decontaminate

    Refresh your vehicle’s appearance and tackle built-up contaminants like iron fallout & tar/glue spots – resulting in a clear, smooth surface

    Our range of detailing options will ensure your vehicle leaves our showroom looking better than ever.

    Tackle Swirls And Scratches

    Our paint correction services can take even the most neglected paintwork & restore it to a showroom shine

    If you have swirls, scratches, marring or other paint imperfections – we can bring new life to your car’s appearance with a range of multi-stage polishing processes 

    Deep Gloss, Lasting Protection

    Our ceramic coating creates a radiant, long-lasting shine that acts as a shield, providing robust protection against a range of adversaries such as bugs, scratches, chemicals, and more!

     Enhances the appearance of your vehicle as well as simplifying maintenance – our ceramic coating is the perfect choice to lock in a lifetime shine


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