bespoke paint protection film (PPF)

Paint protection film provides a tough, durable film barrier that seals your paintwork – keeping it safe from rock chips, scuffs, scratches and more!

The ONLY Bespoke Xpel PPF Dealer In Dubai

We’re proud to offer hand-cut PPF Tailored To Your Car – unlike others, our PPF solutions are 100% by hand
(not reliant on machine cutting)

Opting for hand-cut PPF at Modcare means precision, without the risk – no removal of sensitive body panels & no use of blades on your car’s exterior. Your safety is paramount as we deliver the most precise PPF applications, setting a new standard in automotive care.

This allows us to guarantee a perfect fit, minimising lift & maximising protection with no visible lines, exposed corners or edges – which are common problems with Precut/Machine cut applications.

PPF is our specialty at Modcare, and we’re the only certified Xpel installer in Dubai to offer bespoke hand applications.

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    Our PPF Options

    Exterior Coverage Options

    As specialists in bespoke PPF application, no matter which coverage pack you opt for, you will benefit from a seamless, invisible application with no exposed edges or seams


    Our full-front package is an essential choice to protect the most commonly damaged areas from stone chips, scratches and more


    FULL vehicle

    Full-vehicle PPF is our most comprehensive package, ensuring every inch of your car’s exterior is protected from the elements



    We are bespoke by nature and can cater to any of your PPF needs – whether it’s touching up a section or protecting one or two specific panels



    Our protective films go beyond just your vehicle’s paintwork.

    Our windshield protection film brings all of the great benefits PPF is known for to your vehicle’s windshield!

    This means reduced chance of chips, cracks, and scratches – allowing you to maintain a clear view while avoiding the possibility of having to replace an expensive windshield in the event of damage!

    interior protection

    Our interior PPF ensures that your surfaces in the car get the same great protection as the outside

    This film is intended to protect interior trim that is susceptible to scratching and will be applied to all glossy trims that are often affected by micro-scratches and swirls

    Whether it’s your infotainment system or piano black trim, interior PPF keeps your car looking new inside – preventing scratches and other damage


    A Range Of
    Film Finishes

    As well as providing great protection, our films come in a range of finish options – giving you the ability to add a custom touch to your car whilst protecting it


    Our clear PPF options are perfect if you want the best in paint protection without any visible change

    As a result of our 100% bespoke hand fitting of PPF, our installations have no visible lines on the body or edges


    This special film gives you the ability to change your vehicle’s colour with a paint-like finish, with all of the protection benefits PPF is known for

    The perfect combination of customisation and protection, with the added benefit of being totally reversible in the future.


    The satin finish transforms the look of your car, whilst maintaining the same protective properties

    Give your car a completely new appearance in a way that’s both reversible and doesn’t affect the factory paint beneath

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